Estate Planning

Getting Your Estate In Order

Estate planning is important if you want to settle your estate the way you desire - and not leave the decisions on your life's assets to someone else. By taking simple steps like drafting a will, updating your beneficiary information, and discussing your final wishes with family and close friends, you are already making progress in settling your estate. These tasks also help reduce confusion and help families avoid problems later in the process. For an in depth look at your plan and strategies, consider speaking with a financial professional at Rick Watkins Financial Services, we are a valuable addition to your estate planning team working with your attorney and tax professionals.

Estate Planning Items to Discuss with Your Attorney or Tax Professionals:

  • Having a written will
  • Establishing a living will and powers of attorney
  • Determining beneficiaries
  • Choosing an executor
  • Appointing guardians/trusts
  • Estate tax limits

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