Financial Planning

Developing a financial plan is a powerful tool in pursuing both short and long-term goals. At Rick Watkins Financial Services our professional staff will help you construct a plan that will help you visualize and work towards fulfilling your dreams.

Working with a professional at Rick Watkins Financial Services will begin with identifying key areas of interest including: goals and objectives, your current financial position, investment planning, debt management, protection planning, retirement planning, and other important factors.

Our planning process includes six steps:

  1. Identifying goals as needs, wants, and wishes
  2. Gathering necessary information
  3. Analyzing your situation
  4. Developing a plan
  5. Implementing the plan
  6. Reviewing the ongoing progress

Starting the planning process is simple and only takes a phone call. If you haven't started a financial plan or haven't updated your plan in some time, please contact us today.


Additional Services:
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Retirement Planning
Estate Planning